Sunday 30 January 2011

2-4.00 p.m.

EU police databases and a campaign: ”Against DNA-collecting mania”
Since the EU has provided itself with money in Maastricht and with borders in Schengen it is inflationarily expanding mechanisms of repression and control. Our lecture is dedicated to an essential factor for this development: the databases in policing fields from SIS to the DNA analysis files of Europol. Initially, we will give you an overview of the relevant EU data processing architecture. Then we will discuss in more detail about an aspect of state surveillance which is currently rather neglected: DNA databases of the police which are supposed to be fully networked on August 26, 2011 with the end of the Prüm Treaty. Moreover, the exchange of DNA profiles with the US is being planned. The campaign ”Hands off my DNA – Against the DNA-collecting mania” is planning protest actions in spring/summer 2011 which shall be presented and discussed.
Markus Murmelstein, Susanne Schultz