ENTSICHERN CONGRESS in Berlin, 29-30 January 2011
The European Union: Analyse, criticise, dismantle

A considerable part of all legislative and political decisions are currently made via the European Union. Expected resistance in the 27 member states is thwarted by this ”policy laundering” while the financially strongest governments furthermore dominate the course. At the same time the EU enlarge its powers through its own structures which coordinate cross-border activities as well as advance projects under its own direction.

This policy is especially noticeable in the area of European ”homeland defence” and its securitization, militarisation and gendarmerisation of social phenomenons. There is, however, no increased attention which accompanies the development of the EU by now, for example by the social movements. The radical Left, as well, which is normally never short of criticism of the state, remains speechless.

One explanation for that could be that the EU, as a political project with its great variety and constant change makes it difficult to analyse and to grasp. For example the correlation between amendments in one´s own country and the directive from Brussels which is the cause for them scarcely becomes apparent or only at a late stage – too late to go on the war path against it. Therefore we want to present a critical review of the EU and focus on the question as to how the European Union has developed in the recent years and where concrete impact on different areas of our lives can be experienced. We are particularly interested in the consequences for the radical Left. We want to launch a theoretical discussion about the EU and its institutions and show examples of the concrete effects of its policy. The ENTSICHERN CONGRESS regards itself as counter event to the ”European Police Congress” which is supposed to take place in the middle of February again in Berlin. European police forces want to meet there for the 14th time with secret services, military and representatives of ”security” and armament industry, as well as with academics. The promotional event for the police-technical answer to social problems is financed by corporations who are rewarded for speaking-time and merchandising for their products.